Monday, May 28, 2007

Street Surveys

Wishing to engage with the "silent majority" of residents in and around the Dispersal Zone, I set-up a table and chairs and plenty of informative literature in various locations around the zone. Some locations were more effective than others in terms of footfall but wherever we set-up we had plenty of interest and genuine support for what I was doing. I collected the views of almost 50 locals on the Dispersal Zone, many still unaware of it's existence and many good conversations were had on anti-social behaviour, the area and what steps could be taken to make the place a better place to live and rid the streets of feelings of alarm, intimidation and harassment.

The overwhelming majority of locals felt that the zone should only cover Tesco express (more on this later) and Crystal Palace station if it is to continue. About a third of residents wanted the zone to stop either because they felt it had been ineffective or because they were alarmed at the implications for civil liberties. Everyone felt that they should have been consulted at the begining of the order and certainly at the end of the 6 months to help measure the effectiveness and inform any future Dispersal Order. Participants were pleased I was asking for their views and were keen that their (anonymous) opinions were collected and sent to the relevant authories.

I got my sister to come and help me for a bit of support and I'm thankful we didn't get dispersed, the only poor things to be dispersed were the pidgeons.
To view a short clip of me setting up (after we'd dispersed the pidgeons!!!) click here


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